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The 12th Day of Hot Stove…or so

In honor of this season of rumors, waiting and hoping – and of Christmas music played so early and often in the stores that it’s already stuck in my head – I subject you all to the following:

On the 12th day of Hot Stove, my GM gave to me:

12 Wild Rumors

11 Hours of Water Cooler Gossip

10 Non Committal Interviews

9 Calls to Carl Crawford

8 Bloggers Blogging

7 Arbitrations Settled

6 Hot Bats

5 Future Rings!

4 Calls to Cliff Lee

3 Relief Pitchers

2 Golden Gloves

And A Closer That Can Get the Job Done!

My apologies to Old English minstrels, or something like that.

This is meant to be more baseball (or perhaps more American League?) generic than Angels specific…and was intended to drive the refrain from my head, where it has been stuck since I made up the first and last lines several days ago…but, if I can give a few of you a chuckle or two, then I am happy.🙂

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