Hot and Cold Angels Are Hot Again and Pushing Hard for a Wild Card Berth

What do you make of a team that can’t get it done at the plate for three games straight against the A’s, games that were about as close to do or die as it gets, but then rallies to shut out the A’s for the 4th game and never stops fighting to come back – twice! – to win their first game against the Royals? A team that falls victim to their own bullpen on Saturday only to be saved by a stellar bullpen performance on Sunday? I feel like I’ve been asking these same questions and similar ones all season long and darned if I’m any closer to an answer in September than I was in April. Here’s the thing though, despite the setbacks, the Angels continue to make progress in the Wild Card race. And that fact makes me giddy excited. These Angels may be alternating between frustrating and exhilarating, but they are absolutely not giving up and October is not out of the question by any means. Oh…and when they’re exhilarating, the way they play the game makes up for a lot.

Jered Weaver’s Back

Back and simply as good as ever! Putting at ease any concerns fans had about an adjustment period, Weaver picked up right where he left off before his bicep tendonitis issues. Looking every bit his old self, Weaver shut the A’s bats down, allowing the Angels to salvage one game from the series. Clearly, Angels’ bats and fielding were also to thank for this victory, but Weaver’s strong return set the tone and turned things around at a point when the Angels season was on the very brink of the point of no return. The decision for AL Cy Young winner may not be as clear cut in Weaver’s favor as it was before his injury, but if that isn’t the very definition of Ace then I don’t know what is.

There Are Only 2.5 Weeks Left in the Regular Season!

I simply cannot wrap my brain around this fact. I feel like the 2012 season has just flown by. Enough with this football thing! Off the television set with it, I say…at least temporarily. It can’t be football season already. We need, like another month or more of the regular baseball season. I am absolutely loving how crazy, awesome this year’s September baseball has been and, of course, I love October baseball for its own self, completely separate from the regular season. But September and October mean that November is not far behind and November means the beginning of the long countdown to April and I’m really not ready for that yet, so there.

What’s that you say? Therapy?! Pshaw! Whatever for? I say the only solution is to go to as many games as I can during the Angels last regular season home stand. (Which begins tonight. *sob*) Now, that’s my idea of therapy and, lucky me, my “sessions” begin with seats tonight!!


I don’t know why, but it seems like it’s a lot less time than 2.5 weeks until the end of the season.

Probably because the teams making a last minute push are running out of time, Mateo. There may be 2.5 weeks left of play, but a lot of things will be decided before then.

— Kristen

It may also have to do with the fact that there are only six total games left here at Target Field, and I am only able to make four to try to accomplish one of my harder goals for the season. I just realized after I commented (the first time, that is) that is probably the reason. The people in my dorm were calling me insane, because I was seriously planning to go to Kansas City this weekend for a while just to make one game.

That makes sense. Maybe it’s a little crazy to go to KC for the weekend but, I have to say, college is the time to do that kind of crazy, before you have a full time job and need to ask for Friday off two weeks in advance.🙂

— Kristen

Well, there still is the issue of how am I going to get down there and where am I going to stay all while on a college budget, but if there was ever a time to bike down and stay in a tipi, I guess this is the time.

I think you and your contacts should set up a “ballhawks hostel” system next season wherein you can trade couch surfing time at eachother’s houses/dorms. Then you can travel without need for hotel room or tipi.🙂

— Kristen

I was actually thinking about that, but then you’ve got the people who are in high school or younger who would have the whole “parents not wanting strange people over” thing, then you have people who probably don’t have enough room for an extra person.

Kristen-I agree this season, along with the summer, had flown by. It’s starting to turn colder up here in Michigan, and the stupid leaves on the trees are already turning color. Seems like it’s been an up and down season for all of us, but the ups sure do make it so much fun! Hopefully the Tigers can help the Angels out a bit this series.

Looks like both teams were quite generous with each other, Mike. I for one am happy with the results. Let’s hope they can build on it. This season it’s really all coming down to the wire. Soooooo exciting!

— Kristen

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