Happy Halloween!

From the creative carving blades of the Brown Footed Loons, patrons and practitioners of the squashly arts. Photo by This is a very simple game...

 Time to light that halo up, Halloween style. Forget the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s the 2011 AL West MVG – Most Valuable Gourd!


Now that is impressive! Are the flanking pumpkins done in the image of the Brown Footed Loons?

Thanks Jeff! Ummm…yeah…that’s it…we channeled our “WTF?! Bad call, Blue!” faces just for the occasion. *nods* Because what could be more scary than that?

— Kristen

love it! i am relatively artistic. i paint. i sketch. i sew. but, alas, i cannot carve. it’s really tragic.

Thanks Toosoxy! And, very cool! I saw the Halloween costues you posted and was very impressed. I sew a little too, and sketch and cartoon, or at least I used to cartoon. No painting since high school though. Carving the pumpkins like this, with a small exacto knife and clay tools is similar to sketching. You even hold the knife kind of like a china marker. You would probably be good at it.

— Kristen

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